Who are the people in SMART-wares? was founded by a team of experienced software consultants who have had more than 10 years experience in a wide spectrum of industry.

Together, they design and implement leading software products and solutions by drawing on their consolidated expertise in areas such as banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing and services industry.

How can we add value to your business and operations?

We simplify and deliver SMART web based software solutions and products to corporations from various industries.

Our products automate existing paper-based workflows, increase the efficiency in operation departments, allow users to focus on more valuable activities and deliver timely reports to key management.

We are your long term partners.

SMART-wares is committed to the long term growth and prosperity of our customers. As we own the intellectual rights to all our products, we are able to customize our standard applications to meet the specific demands of all our customers.

How to contact us? is based in Singapore. You can contact us by calling our Company or submit your query using the Contact Us Form

SMART-wares Pte. Ltd.
229 Mountbatten Road
#03-35 Mountbatten Square
Singapore 398007