Our SMART-Solutions

At SMART-Wares, we redefine value for our customers by delivering SMART software solutions. Our products are designed from ground up after extensive market studies to meet any customer demands. All SMART-Wares products are designed to comply with our "SMART-Design" specifications on scalability and flexible customization. With this standard, our customers are assured of the best solution with the most effective return on investments.
  • Smart Performance Analytics
  • Streamline your planning and reporting processes with Smart Performance Analytics to make intelligent decisions faster

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  • Smart Case Management
  • Smart Case Management is a web based solution that provides a one-stop integrated solution for managing customer generated feedback, enquiries, suggestion, complaints and investigative cases.

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  • Cloud based staff scheduling and rostering application. Available via subscription.

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  • Smart Appraisals
  • Web-based staff appraisal tool. Supports standard and 360 based staff reviews.

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