SW Expense Manager

Mobile travel/expense manager


SW Expense Manager is the mobile application that makes travel and expense reporting easy for on-the-go staff.

Staff can securely keep track and submit their travel and expense reports through their smart phone.

Submit and track multiple expense reports

SW Expense Manager supports the creation and submission of multiple expense reports.

Expense reports will be in draft mode until the staff is ready to submit the report.

All expense data/supporting documents are stored securely in the server. All draft expense reports are viewable by staff until submission. After submission, expense reports are only viewable by staff and relevant supervisors/managers.

Consolidate multiple expense items in a single Expense Report

SW Expense Manager allows for the entry of multiple expense type or claims in a single report.

Corporations may set up optional maximum spending/claim limits by expense item by month/year or trip. Staff will be prompted for any spending/claim that exceeds the defined threshold.

The System provides simple charts to help staff monitor spending levels over calendar months.

Approval Workflow Routing

Each staff can specify the contact email of his or her approver.

In this version of the Expense Manager, the expense report will be emailed to the approver for review.

Approver will approve or reject the expense claim by clicking on the action button embedded in the email.

Subsequent releases of the SW Expense Manager will feature a more comprehensive approval management tracking and reporting mechanism.

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