Rohobound Search

A Cloud-based Search Engine Platform


Robohound Search is a cloud-based search platform for websites, document libraries and knowledge bases.

Robohound Search performs Full Text search on large corpus of documents and files. In addition, Robohound filters, extracts and indexes image features using Deep Learning technology. This means an image can be uploaded and is used to search for similar images.

Robohound Search has an advanced search algorithm that delivers relevant results for combined text and image queries.



  • Near Real-Time Indexing

    Documents are indexed and updated in near real-time.

  • Advanced configurable text analysis

    System supports a variety of text analysis algorithm For example, the search engine supports automatic topic extraction as it indexes documents. The topics are then added to the search engine as meta tags and facet filtering.

  • Rich Document Parsing/Extensions

    Robohound indexes rich content (e.g. MS Office files, PDFs, Image) with language detection. It uses Deep Learning technology to extract meaningful features from images without supervision or human tagging. The image features are then used for reverse image search.


  • Image Search

    Search for similar images by uploading an image or via referring an image URL.

  • Integrated Full Text and Image Search Capabilities

    User is able to search large volumes of data by uploading image (or highlight sections of an image) and complement the query by text.

  • Filters and Facets

    Search results are refined by the use of facets and filters. These facets and filters may include categories, date, price ranges.

  • Query suggestions, spelling and more

    Advanced text search capabilities for auto-complete, spelling correction, steamming, synonyms and phrase matching.


  • Analytics and insights

    Analytics on user interactions with Robohound search engine are automatically tracked in real-time, revealing insights into user behavior and assisting in fine-tuning the search engine.


  • Information security practice

    Robohound Search storage of data adheres to all industry standards of encryption. All customer data is encrypted with SSL, authentication and role based authorization.

  • Access control at search results level

    Robohound Search can be customized to restrict search results to display only documents that a user has viewing rights to.

  • Flexible and adaptable with easy configuration

    Modular configuration
    System can be easily adapted to meet all user requirement without delay. It is modular in design and can be easily configured to meet your day to day needs.

    Standards based interfaces
    System supports Restful APIs that works seamlessly with other authenticated systems.

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