Web-based staff appraisal solutions


SMART-Appraisals is the leading web-based staff performance appraisal software that automates the time-consuming process of designing, administrating and consolidating staff performance appraisals.

It incorporates the latest web based technology to cater for various methods of performance appraisals

SMART-Appraisals is accessible using PC or Smart-phones. Accessing and reviewing staff appraisals has never been easier.

HR staff and management are able to design, collaborate and build employee evaluation and appraisal forms at a fraction of what it normally takes in a paper-based appraisal design environment.


Multi-level organization level review

SMART-Appraisals is designed for organization of any size. Reporting hierarchy can be defined as 2-level, 3-level or a mixture of various reporting levels.

Flexible review periods

Perform quarterly, half-yearly and annual staff appraisal reviews with ease. Results for quarterly and half-yearly reviews are automatically combined and averaged. Our solution also supports staff review over multiple review periods.

Real-Time Analytics

Track and review the progress of each appraisal process using our visually intuitive charts and dashboards. Dashboards are customized by roles. Department managers can track the progress of their respective departments. HR/Administrator is able to view summaries at organization level and drill down to view statitics on specific division/department/section or individual staff.

Staff Appraisal for iPhone and Android

Empower staff to complete their appraisal or staff reviews on the go. Appraisal submission and review and be done from any IOS or Android tablet or even smart-phones.

More Features

Web based staff performance appraisal
  • Responsive templates-design once, run in both mobile and PC based environment
  • Web based Appraisal Form Builder with predefined templates
  • Multiple question format i.e. matrix radiobutton options
  • Real-time status/progress monitoring
Goal Setting and Milestone Monitors
  • Specify targets, actions and long term development objective against specific timeline
  • Success and "Slippage" Monitoring
  • Journal logs for staff and supervisor
  • Hosted with a well-known cloud hosting provider
  • All access to the System is encrypted using SSL
  • Appraisal records are accessed based on roles and organization hierarchy
HR Administrator Friendly Features
  • HR/Administrator is able to track and monitor progress of appraisal via intuitive dashboards and charts.
  • Invitation via email to participate in appraisals.
  • System is able to schedule reminders for incomplete appraisals.
  • Graphical tool to administer organization chart and reporting structure.

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