SW Survey System

Web-based survey solutions


SW Surveys is a flexible and affordable web based survey application. It incorporates features such as branching, multiple question formats, integrated e-mail invitation, flexible report generation and data export facilities.

Benefits of using SW Surveys:

  • Powerful web based survey design console enables new survey forms to be built in a very short time.
  • Flexible deployment. Web based survey forms can be deployed directly at corporate website to facilitate prompt tracking and response to customer feedback, order processing forms etc.
  • Web based survey forms help marketing companies to reduce the costs of paper stationery, sending survey forms to participants and time taken to manually consolidate survey results.
  • Real-time monitoring on progress and success of surveys.


Support multiple surveys

Create and manage multiple surveys. Each survey will have its own customized survey form and audience.

Intuitive Survey Form Builder

Build a survey form in minutes using the intuitive and easy to use Survey Form Builder.

Create various types of questions. These include single or multiple line text input, radio buttons, check boxes,drop downs and matrix questions.

Real-Time Analytics

Track and review the progress of each survey process using our visually intuitive charts and dashboards. Dashboards are customized by surveys and roles.

Update Survey on iPhone and Android

Empower survey users to complete their feedback on the go. Surveys and data review can be done from any IOS or Android tablet and smart-phones.

More Features

General Features
  • Scored surveys, assigning point values to questions
  • Matrix Questions
  • Journal logs for staff and supervisor
  • Dynamic branching to next question or page
  • Hosted with a well-known cloud hosting provider
  • All access to the System is encrypted using SSL
  • Password protection for survey participants
  • Role based access control
Administrator Friendly Features
  • Administrator is able to track and monitor progress of survey via intuitive dashboards and charts.
  • Web-based status monitoring on all surveys
  • Invite users to partake in survey through e-mail
  • Automatic tracking on time to complete survey
  • Setup by copying from similar survey templates
  • Automatic tracking on time to complete survey
Reports and Analytics
  • Reports include visual aids such as Pie charts, 3D bar charts, line charts
  • Export to Excel or CSV files
  • Password protection for survey participants
  • Role based access control for viewing and accessing survey results

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